Let There Be Life

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Let There Be Life is a relaxing, zen puzzle-like game that takes players to an enchanted world where they create magical trees and interact with playful wildlife. The trees want to grow big and beautiful, but they don’t want to harm any flowers with shadows caused by their leaves. Let There Be Life’s focus is on gentle, creative play for all ages .

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Let There Be Life

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First Runner-Up in Edge-Online’s “Get Into Games Challenge 2013” and inspired by the theme, “do no harm.”



  • “…a very relaxing experience, perfect for unwinding for a few minutes to change gears or decompress after a hard day at work.” – Mariko McDonald, Lifestyle Blogger, Gamerwife.com” 
  • “The real challenge is in creating a tree you’d be willing to show off to someone without killing the flowers.”   “…a great game to play at the end of a long day (or a long two weeks, as was the case when I tried it), allowing for creativity within gentle restrictions and with lovely art and music.”  -Lena Leray, IndieGames.com
  •  “Let There Be Life presents players with a stress-free atmosphere that can be appreciated by gamers of all skill levels.“-Tom Christiansen, GameZebo.com
  • “If you’re looking for something a little more relaxing then some of the violent orchestras coming out this month, make sure to try out Let There Be Life; let your mind take solace and be at ease.” – IndieGameMagazine (IGM)


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Privacy Policy

Let There Be Life is developed by Backward pieS, LLC. “Backward pieS,” or “we” or “us” refers to Backward pieS, LLC in this Privacy Policy. This privacy policy is applicable to all platforms (desktop, iOS, Android) that Let There Be Life can be found on.

Let There Be Life does not collect or report any information about users to Backward pieS. Digital storefronts that sell Let There Be Life may collect information about the purchase and usage of Let There Be Life, but we do not. Any concerns regarding privacy issues should be directed to “info@backwardpies.com“.


  1. Let There Be Life | Wake and Game March 3, 2015 3:43 am 

    […] Let There Be Life is a casual game with light puzzle elements by the indie developers Backward Pies. Mmmmmm…. pie. I like pie. Extra points goes to these fine indieists for the name that draws the attention of a chubby man like myself. I see that you guys have chosen a cherry pie as the model for your logo. Good choice, I personally would have went with a French apple pie. But hey, cherry is the next best kind, amirite? What’s with the pyramid pie crust though? Is that an Illuminati pie? Is it full of brain-washing serum and microscopic tracking chips? It’s OK… Even if it is Illuminati mind control pie I would still eat it cuz it’s a pie, dummy. So now, let’s get down to what we’re here for. The cherry pi….. Uhh… Wait… I’m reviewing a game here. Not talking about pie. My apologies. You will never get that 30 seconds of your life back, it now belongs to me. All in all, Let There Be Life is pretty cool. For some reason I like it even though this is surely NOT the sort of game one would normally catch me playing. At least, not when anyone is looking. But why, you ask? Because in this game, you assemble trees, protect flowers and interact with butterflies and colorful birds. Thats why. Because I’m super manly. Trees, butterflies and flowers are for sissies. I’m not a sissy. I’m brutal, I have a beard & chest hair, when I smile it’s because someone hurt themselves and when I throw a finless brown in the pond I prefer the toilet seat to be cold. […]

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