The “Dukes and Dirigibles” Kickstarter has launched!

It’s official! We’ve put together a Kickstarter project to seek funding so we can afford to finish developing Dukes and Dirigibles for a Steam release.

Please see the project page linked above to view all the nitty gritty details, but in short, we have been updating the game to include both singleplayer and multiplayer modes. We’ve shown the multiplayer off at a few public events, and have had a ton of fun with guests who have given it a try.

Blue Singleplayer 03 - Scaled66p


Our KS video includes the theme song “Put Up Your Dukes” by Professor Elemental, and we think it is rather lovely. In fact, backers can even choose a reward tier that includes the theme song before its public release.

We hope everyone will take a peek at the project, and let others know to check it out as well!