So our preview build of Dukes and Dirigibles is up on FlashGameLicense. If anyone is registered there please go take a look at the game and let us know what you think!

Prepping the game for upload has been an education. For starters, I didn’t know that even the preview would require a thumbnail, so I spent an afternoon just on that to get something together that I thought was eye-catching. Didn’t want people’s first exposure to the game to be a throw-away image.

Safe-guarding the SWF had its ups and downs as well. At first, all that would appear after the preloader (which showed our company logo) was a blank screen. Not a good start. Some searching revealed that there were issues with Flixel going on. I found that I had to leave some of the core Flixel classes unprotected, which wasn’t a big issue because they’re publicly available anyway. Then after that I read how unscrupulous types could still re-brand your game by not even touching the code, but just by swapping out the graphics! So I had to institute some protection code of my own that checks a variety of the game’s images to make sure that they are exactly the ones they are expected to be be.

Finally, I had problems with the default UI mouse cursor appearing. This happened in two cases: first, completely randomly. Um…yeah. That never happened in the Flash player, but it was now an issue when embedded in a web page. Second, and this I should’ve caught before, is that if the player pressed the RMB and that Flash dialogue box popped up, when clicking back to the game the default UI mouse cursor didn’t go away. At first I tried to fix that by simply setting the default UI cursor to hide every frame, and that worked, but if the mouse was moved outside the game screen it would flicker as you moved it until clicking somewhere. Very annoying, and players would not have been happy. So I had to make the code a little smarter such that it hid the default cursor every frame that occurred in the game screen, but showed it if the mouse was outside the game screen.

Fun stuff, right? :)