Our 1st Bundle!

We are  in the LazyGuysStudio Bundle “Blurred Shapes”! It’s exciting to have Let There Be Life in a group of other indie games. Being in a bundle is a great way for people to try our game for a low price of just $2.99 ($2.49 if you buy it in the 1st 20hrs) along with 13 other games, plus you may be chosen for a random prize.

You can always spend more money to show your appreciation for the hard working  indie developers, so that they can keep on making great games for you to enjoy. (Indie Devs need to eat too 😉 If you contribute more than the $2.99 price the top 3 contributors get Steam Wallet Credits, and the wonderful feeling of helping out Indie Devs!

The bundle is available now through June 8th, 2014. So go help feed some starving Indie Devs!


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