We are going to upload a preview of Dukes and Dirigibles (probably on Monday) to the website where we will be putting it up for auction, FlashGameLicense. We’re doing this so other Flash game developers there can have a look at it, and hopefully provide feedback on anything else we can improve in the game before we release it.

Honestly, we’ve been surprisingly nervous about this. While we’ve shown the game publicly a couple of times, and it’s always garnered positive responses, things feel different this time. Maybe that’s because before we could always tell ourselves we have time to make changes, even major ones, if they’re necessary. Not this time. The game is damn-near done and pretty much is what it’s going to be.

It’s amazing how devastating any comment could be at this point. I think I would sink into a deep depression if someone on FGL simply said, “It was okay.” But I’m going to try to stay focused on the comments that involved something actionable. “It sucks” means nothing to me, because it doesn’t speak to anything specific, but if someone says, “The tutorials weren’t clear enough” I’m going to have to hunker down and figure out how make them even better.

It’s such a strange time. The game could turn out to be popular and successful and we’ll say to ourselves, “Well, of course, we already knew it was a good game.” Or it may not generate much attention at all, and we’ll berate ourselves for not seeing that coming. How two completely opposite results seem entirely plausible is amazing to me, and I hope we won’t have to ever live with such heightened uncertainty again.