It Takes a Village to Raise an Indie Game!

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Well, I think it takes a village to raise an Indie Game! I want to thank all the journalists, and video journalists (YouTubers and streamers) and all the people out there who shared and spread the word about Let There Be Life and Indie Games in general. Without all these people we wouldn’t be able to make the games known. That is a big part of keeping a studio running, because they help us get sales.

We are so happy that our Greenlight campaign for Let There Be Life is moving along at a steady rate. It has only been 15 days and we are at 21% of the way to the top 100! Thanks, for everyone who voted “Yes”. I love reading all the kind comments that people wrote about our game on the Greenlight page. To help us with Greenlight you can vote here.

We had several articles written about our game including Indie Game Magazine (IGM),, GamerWife, VG 24/7. ¬†We were mentioned in Joystiq, which was a wonderful surprise. It’s always fun to wake up and see that someone out there took the time to play your game, and write about it. I want to give big Cheers to all the journalists out there who work really hard covering little Indie Games. I know that we really appreciate all the kind words about our game – I started printing out the articles to keep in a Let There Be Life scrapbook. :) It brings much joy knowing that people enjoy playing our game.

Along with the written articles about Let There Be Life, we had our first YouTube review. It was done by Indie Geek, and I encourage everyone to watch his video and subscribe to his channel. The video can be found here. He worked really hard on it and it is very well done. Big cheers to you Indie Geek!

We also have a lot of people on Twitter that have been retweeting and favoriting our tweets about Let There Be Life. I want to thank everyone who has been helping and showing support for Let There Be Life.