Springing Forward

Spring is almost here, and we’re leaping forward with exciting new things. Here are just a few things that we have been working on.

Let There Be Life is now available on Desura.

We just added Let There Be Life to SteamGreenlight . So please go show your support and vote for us! For those of you that have already voted we thank you, and hope you continue to spread the word. If you buy the PC version of the game on Desura, IndieGameStand, or from our Humble Widget, we will have a Steam Key for you so that you will not have to buy the game twice to play on PC.

We also have been hard at work porting Let There Be Life to Android – that way you can play when you are on the go (or taking a break while on the go). Later this Spring and Summer we will be also be porting to iOS and Mac so don’t worry if you have an Apple device we haven’t forgotten about you.

Please keep checking back for news about Let There Be Life.