Let There Be Life now on IndieGameStand

Good news! Let There Be Life is now available through IndieGameStand here. Even better news: to celebrate its release, we’re offering it for 20% off the normal sale price!

It’s hard to believe that a year ago this time, we had not even yet conceived of Let There Be Life. It was early March of 2013 when Edge-Online¬†announced¬†the theme for their “Get Into Games Challenge 2013” competition, and our work began immediately after (by the end of the day, we had already settled in on the design of the game). After being announced as one of three winning entrees, we knew we were onto something.

About eight months later, we finished expanding Let There Be Life into something we were ready to release to the world. We hope everyone will try our game, and experience the relaxating creativity it has to offer!