But Wait, There’s More…Waiting

In our last post (which feels like roughly one million years ago) we stated that Dukes and Dirigibles was up for active bidding on FlashGameLicense.com.

We’ve since accepted an offer and have been working on preparing the game for the winning bidder’s website. This includes additions such as a pre-game splashscreen for his game portal, as well as some links to his site within the game’s user interface.

It’s been a very slow process, with emails usually taking 2 or more days each for a response. And with a host of change requests going back-in-forth, you can see how this adds up to weeks of development.

In a nutshell – we’re close to being done, but the game is not up yet. I plan to write a postmortem about the whole process sometime soon.

In more interesting news, we showed Dukes and Dirigibles to the editor of Desura, the digital marketplace for games. He liked the game and is interested in publishing it. :)

Now, we’re still ironing things out. Our vision is to place a version of DnD on Desura that includes enhanced graphics and additional levels. This is going to involve some careful planning, because we need to estimate how much time is truly worth investing to maximize sales without wasting our efforts.

Honestly, I have no idea what kind of sales we’ll get over the lifetime of the game…a thousand? Ten thousand? More? Plus, if we can get into one of their bundles, that would nab us both sales and exposure, which would be great.

I’ll be posting more on our Desura efforts in the near future (no, for real, it actually will be soon!), and keeping everyone up to date. The game itself won’t appear on Desura until available for purchase (or at least pre-order), but you can check it out on Desura’s sister site, IndieDB right here.