Busy, Busy, Busy

Ever visit a game developer’s website and wonder why it hasn’t been updated in forever? Are they still working on the game? Are they still alive?

The short answer: YES!!

We’ve been really busy here lately. Dukes and Dirigibles is really close to being done. It’s actually driving me kind of crazy. But I keep getting pulled in other (important) directions. We put together a submission for the yearly IndieCade Festival (http://www.indiecade.com/). We’re also going to submit to the Fantastic Arcade festival (http://fantasticfest.com/arcade/). Haven’t submitted yet, because we need a video as part of the submission.

Speaking of which, I was also busy last week trying different software packages for recording gameplay and editing it into a promotional video. That’s also something we need for our auction of Dukes on Flash Game License, and just makes for good promotional material in general.

This weekend, we’ll be attending the Steampunk World’s Fair (http://steampunkworldsfair.com/). We’re not showing Dukes, though they were kind enough to feature our game/company on their website. We’re mainly going to the fair to relax, maybe schmooze a little and spread the word about ourselves.

Okay, that’s enough for now. Remember, if you haven’t seen a post from us in a while, it means we’re getting a lot done!