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“Let There Be Life” now available for Android

It took months of porting work to refine  the touch controls (and make a few additions), but Let There Be Life is now out on Android!

Google Play Store
Amazon App Store

The game actually released a couple weeks ago, but we couldn’t even announce here it because we haven’t been able to get into WordPress (obviously, that is all sorted out now :).

We’re really proud of the Android release – playing the game on a touchscreen feels really natural. As part of the porting process, we got (and in some cases needed) to make some additions:

– Multitouch support
– View-scrolling
– Left-handed mode
– Daytime cycle for the background
– Post images of finished trees to Twitter and Facebook!

It sounds like a cliche, but if you enjoyed the Windows version Let There Be Life, we think you’re going to love it on mobile. :)