Monthly Archives: April 2014

Art Show

Aside from working on porting Let There Be Life, I just recently submitted a piece of my personal artwork to the 9th Annual Art Show at the John James Audubon Center at Mill Grove.

This was my first time entering an art show. I submitted a pen and ink drawing on a black walnut wash titled “Connected.” Elements of my design were inspired by the textures of an osage orange and a wall in the ┬ábarn at Mill Grove Sanctuary. While working on the piece it started to look like waterways, a tree and the dryness of a cracked dessert. I named the drawing “Connected” as a reminder that we need to care for our waterways, otherwise our planet can end up a desert of undrinkable water or a place where no trees or life will survive.

I was so happy to learn that my drawing made it through the submission process and was accepted into the show. It is such an honor to see my artwork hanging in a room with so many other talented artists. “Connected” sold the opening night of the show which made me even more thrilled, although I will miss seeing it on my wall at home!

I’m looking forward to showing and possibly selling more of my work in the future. I’m already looking into selling prints of some of my other works.